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  • To become an allergist, one must spend at least fourteen years getting a post high school education.

  • A person wanting to be an allergist should first go to a regular college for four years before going to medical school for another four years.

  • After finishing school, the person needs to finish a three year long residence training before taking an exam to become a board certified physician.

  • Then, becoming board certified,a physician must spend two years getting special training in the allergy field by doing a fellowship. The fellowship must be completed at a ACGME accredited allergy training program.

  • After completing a fellowship, one must pass additional exams and receive a subspeciality certification from American Board of Allergy & Immunology (ABAI) to become an allergist.

Responsibilities and Daily Activities:

  • Allergists specialize in the treatment of patients with allergic diseases.

  • treatment of allergic rhinitis, asthma, allergic eye diseases, eczema, hives, chronic cough, chronic sinus infections, bronchitis, and immune problems. Allergists also treat patients with food allergies, medication allergies, and venom.

  • Allergists can do a whole range of things from research and education to clinical practice.

  • Normal physicians usually refer patients to allergists to seek further treatment or testing.

  • Allergists treat patients with skin problems, food allergies, and asthma.

  • Allergists generally see patients of all ages.

  • Some allergists may consult for hospitals.

Salary Range:

  • According to The Economic Research Institute, the average salary for allergists in the United States is somewhere in the range of $276,257.

  • The average salary of allergists in California is $237,000.


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