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  • To become an ophthalmologist, one must spend at least twelve years getting a post high school education.

  • A person wanting to be an ophthalmologist should first go to a regular college for four years and get a bachelors degree. Then go to medical school for another four years in order to get medical degree. With a M.D.,one must go through another three more years of residency training in ophthalmology.

  • After getting an MD, one may go through a one year internship before doing through the residency training.

  • One may also spend some time completing other fellowship training in oncology (medical specialty that focuses on cancer treatments), surgery, etc.

Responsibilities and Daily Activities:

  • Ophthalmologists are eye doctors or physicians with medical degrees.

  • Ophthalmologists diagnose and eye problems. They can use a variety of different remedies that range from prescribing drugs to performing surgery.

  • They also prescribe visual correcting devices like contact lenses or glasses.

  • The eye problems that ophthalmologists treat can range from vision deficiencies to cancer.

  • Optometrists are very similar to ophthalmologists and can prescribe glasses and diagnose eye problems. Unlike optometrists, however, ophthalmologists can perform surgery and can treat complex medical eye conditions.

  • Ophthalmologists are usually in private practice. They usually work in an office or operating room.

  • Because emergencies are rare, ophthalmologists generally keep regular hours.

Salary Range:

  • While the BLS does not have a specific salary data on ophthalmologists, BLS does have an average salary for physicians. The average salary for physicians in the United States is about $197,700.

  • The average salary for physicians in California is about $203,920.


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