1. Pulmonary Trunk: Connected to the right ventricle.

2. Veins: Transports blood back to the heart.

3. Bicuspid Valve: Helps control valve movement.

4. Heart: Receive blood from veins.

5. Artery: Transports blood away from the heart.

6. Sino atrial Node: Pacemaker of the heart.

7. Bicuspid Revalve: Regulates blood flowing between the left atrium and ventricle.

8. Aorta: Largest artery.

9. Left Atrium: Contraction causes blood to move away from the heart.

10. Tricuspid Valve: Regulates blood flowing between the right atrium and ventricle.

11. Pulmonary Veins: Stimulate the ventricles to contract.

12. Capillaries: The smallest of the blood vessels.