Review Sheet: The Nervous System Part II

Spinal Cord

1. What are the three layers of meninges?

Dura mater, arachnoid mater, and pia mater.

2. What is the name of the innermost membrane that is attached to the surface of the spinal cord?

Dia mater.

3. What is the name of the space between the arachnoid and pia maters?

Epidural Space

4. What is the name of the layer that forms the periosteum of the skull?

Dura mater.

5. What are the functions of the brain?

6. Name the lobe that performs the functions listed below:

A. Walking

B. Talking

C. Listening to kids screaming.

D. Identifying pain when you cut yourself.

E. Interpreting the inspiration behind a painting in a museum.

F. Studying for a test.

G. A baby learning to talk.

7. Where does your brain store its memories?

8. Where is spinal fluid found and what is its function?

9. What is the name of the structure that maintains homeostasis for the body?

10. What is the function fo the limbic system?

11. Name the parts of the brainstem?

12. What is the relay structure of the brain stem?

13. What part of the brain stem would be utilized if a person had an irregular heartbeat?

14. What area controls sleep?

15. What is the difference between the cranial and spinal nerves?

16. What is the difference between somatic and autonomic nervous system?

17. What is the difference between the cranial and spinal nerve?

18. What is a plexus?

19. How are the intercostal nerves dufferent from the other spinal nerves>

20. What is the function of the autonomic nervous system?