Sense of Touch, Taste, and Smell Crossword Answer Key

1. Taste Hair: Most sensitive part of the taste cell.

2. Inhibitors: Enkephalins, serotonin, and endorphins.

3. Referred Pain: Pain coming from another body part not the damaged structure.

4. Acute: Fibers that detect sharp pains.

5. Thalamus: Location of pain awareness.

6. Light: Types of touch detected by Meissner Corpuscles.

7. Photoreceptors: Responds to changes in light.

8. Reticular Formation: Location where pain fibers terminate.

9. Thermoreceptors: Respond to temperature changes.

10. Chemoreceptors: Respond to the chemical concentration variations.

11. Olfactory Bulb: Group of neurons that analyze scents.

12. Somatic: One of the two types of sensory receptors.

13. Chronic: Fibers that detect dull pain.

14. Parietal: Brain lobe that interprets taste.

15. Three: Number of locations you can find taste buds.

16. Flavor: Combination of one or more taste sensations.

17. Heavy: Type of touch detected by Pacinian Corpuscles.

18. One of the brain lobes that interpret scents.