Formal Amendment

  • The United States Constitution has changed over time

    • There are two ways to modify the Constitution: Formal amendment and informal

  • Framers understood that the Constitution is not perfect. The option of adding on an amendment.

4 Possible Methods of Formal Amendment

  • First Method: Amendment proposed by a two third vote in each house of Congress and ratified by the ¾ of State legislatures. 26 of the 27 amendments were accepted this way.

  • Second Method: Amendment proposed by Congress and ratified (via Convention) in the three fourths of the states. The 21st Amendment was adopted this way.

  • Third Method: Amendment proposed by a national convention (called by Congress at request of 2/3 of the State legislatures). Three fourths of the State legislatures must ratify it.

  • Fourth Method: Amendment is proposed by a national convention and ratified by a convention in ¾ of the states. This method is similar to the way the Constitution was adopted.